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Palika Bazaar - Rajiv Chowk

- Friday, October 30, 2009 5:33:51 AM

Palika BazaarPalika Bazaar is a busy underground air-conditioned market in Connaught Place. It is between the inner and outer circle of the Connaught Place. It is the perfect place for shoppers who can bargain well or who are searching for good clothing, electronic items, video game consoles, mobile phones, softwares etc.

It is a huge market established in 1970s and hosts hundreds of shops. There are seven gates that leads to the market. Those are as described below:

Gate No. 1 : This is the main gate of Palika Bazaar. It faces the Central Park of Connaught Place. the F Block is on its right and the Palika Underground Parking on the left.

Gate No. 2 : This faces the Palika Underground Parking. Ramp entry is available at this gate for physically challenged.

Gate No. 3 : Not in use.

Gate No. 4 : It has spiral staircase, but not in use. It faces Parliament Street, Regal Building and Jeevan Bharti building.

Gate No. 5 : It has spiral staircase entry. Faces Janpath, N Block and Jeevan Bharti building.

Gate No. 6 : Faces N and F Block.

Gate No. 7 : It has a ramp entry for physically challenged. It faces F Block.

Tips for Visitors at Palika Bazaar :
Never carry too much of cash as pickpockets may be there. All the ATMs are at arms length outside the market. Bargain as much as possible. If you become tired shopping, take rest on the grassy area on the roof of Palika Bazaar.

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