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Janpath Market

- Saturday, September 17, 2011 9:54:15 AM

Shopper paradise : Janpath

Stands opposite to connaught place (CP), not only in sense of physical location but also in sense of shops also. Shops of Janpath are stalls put up by the Shopkeepers to tempt anyone who passes by,and making it simply irresistible to shop.

This is one place in the capital city, where you will find more foreign shoppers than Indians shoppers. There are a fair number of showrooms also in this market.

Even the shopkeepers would do anything to crack a deal, they will provide you great discount if you buy more than one or butter you because they know if they will not someone else will provide you the same or almost same product at may be better price.


Popularity of Janpath Market.

Colleges from around the place greatly add up the crowd of the Janpath. The market is also a favorite place for travelers. It is like heaven to them. They love to shop ethnic dresses and exotic ensembles and Indian artifacts from here.


Below is a brief list of what one can shop.

•    Ethnic dresses
•    Junk jewelry
•    Silver jewelry
•    Daily-wear clothing
•    Leather footwear
•    Cotton garments
•    Embellished linen
•    Rajasthan vegetable color paintings
•    Imitation jewelry
•    CDs and DVDs
•    Furniture
•    Indian artifacts and carpets
•    Decorative items

How to Reach Janpath Market

Janpath Market is located in Central Delhi and it can be reached easily from any corner of the city by bus, autorickshaw, taxis, etc.
Nearest Railway Station : New Delhi Railway Station
Nearest Metro Station : Rajiv Chowk
Nearest International Airport : Indira Gandhi International Airport

Tips for shoppers at Janpath Market
•    Visitors are strongly suggested to beware of pick pockets at Janpath Market. No need to carry much cash here because all the ATMs are at arm’s length in the area.
•    The prices of shopping stuffs are quoted too high by the shopkeepers. So, always try to bargain as much as possible. Since, the products are not branded; it is tough to know the exact prices. Try to be a smart shopper to get best things at the lowest price.




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