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Khari Bawli

- Friday, October 30, 2009 5:36:23 AM

Khari BawliKhari Bawli (Khari Baoli) is the largest market in Asia for wholesale spice. It is the name of a street in Old Delhi near Red Fort. For years the place is cook’s delight. Built during the time of Shah Jahan, it has stepped well with fortified gateway known as Lahori Gate on the western side. The gate is named so because there was a road through it that connected the Lahore city in Pakistan. 

Khari Bawli today is a busy market with shops on both sides selling spices, nuts and herbs without any trace of Baoli (step well) and the gateway. These are buried under the main road.

Gadodia Market on the south side of Khari Bawli has numerous spice stores. It was built by wealthy merchants in 1920s. The other end of Khari Bawli has GB Road and Sadar Bazar.

How to Reach Khari Bawli
Local Buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis are available from the various points in Delhi & NCR.

Nearest Railway Station : Old Delhi Railway Station
Nearest Metro Station : Chandni Chowk
Nearest International Airport : Indira Gandhi International Airport

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