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How to tone up your body

Health & Fitness - Monday, April 29, 2013 4:52:33 AM

Here are the five tips on how to tone up your body.

For the legs
Try squats, lunges and jumps. Lunges are an excellent way to tone the glutes, hamstrings, and quadricep muscles. Jumping off the ground with both feet and landing on a surface that is a few inches or feet off the ground is a great way to stimulate muscle fibres in the glutes and quadriceps.

For the arms
A combination of both bicep and tricep exercises is the best. Use a variety of upper arm exercises in different combinations to develop your upper arms. Using free weights, arm exercising machines, and different upper arm exercises with body weight will ensure a good workout.

For the shoulders
One of the best ways to tone up this body part is by doing exercises like side raises, push-ups, especially those done in a vertical position against a wall and using free weights.

For the back
Indulge in exercises like rows — dumbbell rows, one-armed rows, seated rows, barbell rows etc. Pullovers and the reverse fly are a good option for lats, triceps and the chest.

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