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Hanuman Mandir

Temples in Delhi - Friday, March 20, 2020 11:27:53 AM

The Hanuman Mandir on New Delhi’s is located on Baba Kharak Singh Marg, is one of the oldest Temple in India. It is claimed to be among the five temples of Mahabharata days in Delhi. It is believed that when Pandavas have won the Kurushetra war against the Kauravs, they built five temples and this Hanuman temple is one of them. The initial temple appears to have been constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh about the same times as the Jantar -Mantar but has undergone large scale renewals since then.

The old temple’s main entrance gate is known, as Dwar adores Carved artwork done by brilliant craftsmen. Swami Tulsidas has seen the complete epic of Ramayana which was painted on the roof of the main mantap. These paintings add to the beauty of the temple and add a feast to the eyes. Just below the paintings, the entire verses of Sundarakant of Swami Tulsidas’s Ramachritha manas has been engraved in marble.

The avatar of Hanuman in this temple is very unique and is a swayambhuhu (self-manifested). The face of the Bhagawan Hanuman is seen as Bala Hanuman, facing the south. Bhagawan Bala Hanuman holds the Gadha in his left hand and his right-hand rests over his chest as in prayer.  The height of the temple is estimated to be 108 feet (32.9 m).

The entire temple complex had been redesign and developed by the New Delhi Municipal Council with great care. The complex is also famous for the ‘Mehandi’ designs done on the palms of ladies using Mehandi paste.

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