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Sunehri Masjid

Masjid in Delhi - Saturday, November 13, 2010 9:03:38 AM

Built in the Reign of Sultan Muhammad Shah fairly close to the Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib is this golden domed building called Sunhari Masjid, commonly known as the Golden Mosque.

According to the Islamic calendar, it was built in the 1134 Hijri, during the manage of Sultan Mohammad Shah. It is hypothetical that the Persian invaders Nadir Shah have sat on the veranda for hours on 11th March 1739 - watching his soldiers plunder the golden bazaars of Chandni Chowk supplementary stylish Sunhari Masjid of Delhi outside the Delhi gate stands the Sunhari Masjid. It is a small three-domed arrangement with two minarets.

At one time these domes used toward are copper-plated. It bears a dedication, which attributes the mosque to Nawab Qudsiya Begum Wife of Ahmad Shah (1748-54) and it was built in 1751. In Delhi, in attendance are three mosques well-liked by the name of Sunhari Masjid. One is close toward the Delhi Gate, Red Fort, built by Javed Khan throughout the time in power of Ahmed Shah in 1751 AD. The additional two were built previous by Roshan-ud-Daulah at Chandni Chowk in 1721 in Faiz Bazar (Daryaganj) in 1745.

There is an additional mosque at Rafi Marg recognized as Sunhari Bagh Masjid built by the local inhabitants of Sunhra village. The Sunhari Masjid near the Red Fort is small but remarkably elegant, a magnificent combination of smallness of size and a perfect balanced form. The mosque consists of a main entreaty assembly room with two minarets as well as three graceful domes, once covered with gilt plates.

Later, in 1852 Bahadur Shah II repaired the mosque and enclosed the ruined domes through stonework, with stripes lengthways with red sandstone in addition to crowned by means of gilt pinnacles. The central dome is about 45-feet high while the side domes are 5-feet lower. The mosque stands on a plinth built of red stone and brickwork, consisting of three rooms.

There are three domed entrances to the mosque, the arch in the center is scalloped like the other two, but it is more plentifully decorated by means of scrolls in addition to foliage. An opportunity capped by a circular auditorium follows every one arch. The side rooms are estranged from the central room by two arches.

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