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Sansad Bhavan Delhi

Delhi Tourism - Thursday, December 08, 2011 7:22:02 AM

The splendid symbol of the largest democracy of the world, Sansad Bhavan depicts a saga of people power accumulated at a place where decisions are made to firm up the country for the prosperity and against the challenges.

The grand architecture of the highest federal legislative body of India was conceived and crafted by Herbert Baker and in its earlier stages it was being quoted as the saddest architecture by the architect.

In the earlier times, Sansad Bhavan Delhi was planned as a part of Rashtrapti Bhawan but when in 1911 when Montague-Chelmsford reforms took place, it was built as an autonomous building for India Sansad Bhavan. It was announced to be designed as the Indian parliament. The foundation stone of the building was led in 1921 by the Duke of that time and final inauguration had taken place in 1927 by Lord and Lady Irwin.

Architecture of Sansad Bhavan:

The epic sign of Indian democracy has a central hall with a doomed structure on top along with three semi circular chambers. India Sansad Bhavan is made up around a circular structure and surrounded by 144 pillars and contains a very widen corridor. Interestingly, the Sansad Bhavan comprises 3 semicircular chambers that are prominently called as the House of the People or Lok Sabha, the Council of State or Rajya Sabha and Legislative Assembly.

The members of either the houses are popularly referred as MPs or Member of Parliament and elected by a comprehensive election procedure executed by the election commission of India. The Parliament House is surrounded by eye catching and very beautiful gardens and fountains which that add more glitter to the magnificence of this grand architecture.
Sansad Bhavan seating Arrangement: If we put a glance on the Sansad Bhavan history, it’s evident that 530 of the 545 members represent the territorial constituencies in the states and rest 15 is from the union territories. All the members of the Sansad Bhavan are elected by the mounted rules of the constitution of the Indian republic. The members of the lower house or Lok Sabha of Sansad Bhavan Delhi serve a term of five years or until the midterm polls are announced.  In the same circle, 250 members of the Rajya Sabha serve a larger term of 6 years. Among all, the 12 members of the council of state are nominated by the honorable president of India. These people are those intellectuals who contribute big in the different genre including Education, Literature, Science and society service.


Sansad Bhavan Location:

Located at the northwest side of the Vijay Chowk, Sansad Bhavan is situated at the end of the secretariat building and at one end of the very famous parliament street.

Time to Visit at Sansad Bhavan:

Visitors are allowed to visit the Sansad Bhavan premises only after a prior permission of the parliament officials. Visitors are only allowed to visit the public galleries with an official pass. No entrance fee is charged from the tourists however complete discipline is expected from them inside the premises.

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