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Safdarjung Airport in Delhi

Travel in Delhi NCR - Wednesday, August 18, 2010 10:47:03 AM

Safdarjung airport is one of the very famous and much functional airports in Delhi. Safdarjung Airport New Delhi was the very first airport in Delhi. Safdarjung airport New Delhi was known as the Willingdon Airfield airport and was the chief airport in Delhi until the present Palam airport was built up, which is also famous as the Indira Gandhi International Airport amongst the people. The air India Safdarjung airport is used for general aviation purposes and for taking off and landing of the small propeller planes.

However the planes taking off and landing on the Safdarjung airport Delhi are at stake and get damaged often as the airport is located just next to a flyover. Safdarjung airport New Delhi was once the hub of Delhi Air Club. Now the use of the Safdarjung airport Delhi is restricted for special purposes. Safdarjung airport Delhi in short the Safdarjung airport is situated near the Safdarjung tomb in the Safdarjung area and this is the Safdarjung airport address.
The elevation of the Safdarjung airport is 705 ft / 215 meters. The air India Safdarjung airport lays 8 kilo metres away from the mid city. Safdarjung airport address is Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi – 110003. The Safdarjung airport New Delhi occupies a land area of 253.13 Acres. The air India Safdarjung airport is no more used for passenger arrival and departure. The Safdarjung airport Delhi has a runway orientation of 12/30, dimension of 3870 ft X 147 ft and pavement of LCN-10. Safdarjung airport is equipped with a parking apron capacity of Do-228. The Safdarjung airport Delhi is now used by the aviation college to train the upcoming pilots etc. Safdarjung airport address for the flying school is School of Aviation Science and Technology, Delhi Flying Club Ltd, Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi. Safdarjung airport New Delhi lies in the VIP areas of Delhi. Air India Safdarjung airport is open for general public as well. You could get the Safdarjung airport address details from the website. However some of the Safdarjung airport address details of air India Safdarjung airport are confidential and kept within the authorities.

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