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Lodi's Tomb in Delhi

Delhi Tourism - Thursday, August 19, 2010 6:04:36 AM

While planning a tour to Indian capital city Delhi, there are plentiful sites that you can visit and Lodi's Tomb delhi is really one of these. This is a historical monument positioned at the heart of the well known Lodi Garden with a close connection to Indian International Centre located in Southern part of Delhi. The city is a hub for various mausoleums that are built inside the garden premises and Lodi's Tomb is one of such tombs. Here you can find Sikander Lodi tomb accompanying entombed Muhammad Shah. While the Ibrahim Lodi tomb is situated in Panipat, Hariyana adjacent to the Tehsil office.

The Ibrahim Lodi tomb is renovated by the British rulers in 1866 and the rulers have ordered to mention an inscription stating the defeat of Imbrahim Lodhi from his uncle Babur. At Ibrahim Lodi tomb, Panipat you can have a glimpse of the historical fight between Imbrahim Lodhi and Babur. The Ibrahim Lodi tomb entombs Imbrahim Lodhi who was the emperor of Delhi in 1526 and fought courageously with enemies. Imbrahim Lodhi was defeated in the first battle of Panipat. On the other hand Sikander Lodi tomb is constructed in Delhi who was born in 1489 and died in 1517. The Sikander Lodi's Tomb is of historical Sayyed type construction. The Lodi's Tomb delhi has a magnificent architecture as the Sikander Lodi tomb as two major gumbads.

The Lodi's Tomb in Panipat and Delhi are open for general public and the visitors can visit the architectural craftsmanship scattered in every nook and corner of the Sikander Lodi tomb and Ibrahim Lodi tomb. The Sikander Lodi tomb has octagonal design plan with tall standing arches and a vast veranda. One can visit the Lodi's Tomb delhi which was constructed during 1517-1518. The highlight of Lodi's Tomb is its Mughal architecture and the Lodi's Tomb delhi is beautified with the double domes instead of the typical chattris. Lodi's Tomb holds the distinction of being the first garden tomb across Delhi and this is the reason why Lodi's Tomb delhi is a center of attraction for the people across the world.

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