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Jantar Mantar in Delhi

Delhi Tourism - Thursday, August 19, 2010 5:49:11 AM

Jantar Mantar is the oldest Indian time telling machine. Jantar Mantar (jantar mantar delhi India) was built up by Maharaja Jai Singh II from Jaipur. India has two Jantar Mantar to its pride. The first is Jantar Mantar in Delhi and second Jantar Mantar is at Jaipur. The jantar mantar New Delhi was a very efficient time telling machine in the olden days. Jantar Mantar was the most sophisticated scientific time telling instrument of the period. Jantar mantar delhi India contains 13 astronomical architectures to produce the readings. The jantar mantar Delhi was built aiming to revise the existing calendar and astronomical tables. Jantar mantar delhi India is believed to be built in the year 1724.

The most important objectives of the gigantic time telling machine Jantar Mantar in Delhi was to resolve the astronomical tables and to predict the times and movements of the moon ,sun and the various planets. Precisely it could be said that jantar mantar new Delhi was a fabulous astronomical instrument. Great jantar mantar Delhi is not in function anymore on the contrary the structure is detoriated day by day. The Jantar Mantar in Delhi was also used to know about the tides, eclipses, weather forecast, to calculate the distances between the various celestial bodies etc. It really feels great being there (jantar mantar new Delhi).
Jantar mantar new Delhi encloses four major ‘yantras’ that is instruments namely Samrat Yantra, the Ram Yantra, the Jayaprakash, and the Mishra yantras. Moreover on the whole there are 14 geometrical devices at jantar mantar delhi India .
These are the senses of astronomy at jantar mantar Delhi. Jantar mantar Delhi contains some of the most accurate astronomical tools. The closest railway station to jantar mantar delhi India is the New Delhi railway station and the nearest metro station is Rajiv Chowk metro station you could reach jantar mantar Delhi by either ways. Jantar Mantar in Delhi is also substituted as Delhi Observatory. Maintenance expenses for jantar mantar new Delhi are suffered by the Jaipur Government as the founder belonged to this place. Do visit Jantar Mantar in Delhi.

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