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Sheetala Devi Temple

Temples in Delhi - Wednesday, September 08, 2010 7:55:03 AM

Sheetala Devi temple is one of the most visited religious places in Gurgaon. The temple is made in name of goddess sheetala Devi and is famous for its offerings. Sheetala Devi Temple Gurgaon Haryana is opened throughout the year for festivities and prayers accept august and September, November to December. These seasons are not considered for prayers and festivities due to religious regions and this is the time when the Sheetala Devi temple Gurgaon is least visited and crowded. Sheetala Devi temple is one of its own kinds and has cultural significance. Sheetala Devi Temple Gurgaon Haryana is also one of the famous Hindu pilgrimages and is also known as “shakti peeth”. Sheetala Devi temple Gurgaon is situated near pond in Gurgaon village also known as the birth place of guru dronacharya.
There are various stories related to the Sheetala Devi Temple Gurgaon Haryana for its existence. According of one of the legends, there was a carpenter who had a beautiful daughter. Seeing his daughter, a king asked the carpenter to marry her. The carpenter went to the king of bharatpur because of different religious boundations but the king refused. After this he requested to his son for some help. The price revolted against his father and went on for the fight. At the time he was on his way through Gurgaon, he request sheetala Devi that on his victorious return he will built a temple in her name. After this the Sheetala Devi temple was build and was known for its spiritual values. Sheetala Devi temple Gurgaon is so famous that people from all round the country visit this place for offering prayers to the goddess.
Apart from this there are various other stories which are also related to the history of Sheetala Devi Temple Gurgaon Haryana. People also visit Sheetala Devi temple for a cultural ceremony i.e. mundan which is shaving of heads. Sheetala Devi temple Gurgaon becomes as crowded as kumbh during chaitra month i.e. March and April. There is also a fair that is organised in the name of the deity of Sheetala Devi temple. At Sheetala Devi temple Gurgaon one can also find holy pond, satsang bhawan and mundan hall. For more information regarding Sheetala Devi Temple Gurgaon Haryana, one can search the net.

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4:18PM 16/7/14 Naresh Chand Sharma Not Moderated Yet I believe in Mata Sheetla. She fulfill everyone willing. JAI MAA SHEETLA DEVI,anjane me koi galti ho gai ho to sorry
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5:8PM 23/2/11 Jai Karan I believe in Mata Sheetla. She fulfill everyone willing.

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