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RWA Registration Process

Useful Government Forms - Friday, April 01, 2011 6:18:52 AM

RWA Registration-

It is often said that with great power comes great responsibilities and the adage seems to hold massive potential at least in the case of residence welfare association. Residence welfare association or RWA is basically a committee of various office-bearers who are given a number of challenging duties, powers and responsibilities.  The main members of this committee are President, Vice-president, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Treasurer and Convener. These positions can be gained by passing clearly the extremely tough RWA registration process. All interested members have to apply through the RWA registration process to get scrutinized for their ability and get selected to hold prestigious RWA positions.

Submit genuine information and documents-

RWA registration process is an extensive and highly grueling. It demands the applicants to fill up a number of forms and submit good number of documents, just to get nominated for the post. Even after, an applicant gets nominated in the crew, he or she is subjected to fill up the RWA registration form and submit it to the Registrar for further proceedings. Applicants are requested to provide valid information in the form and submit all legal, attested documents to ensure the sanctity of the entire process. If any applicant is caught for offering misleading information and forged documents, strict penalties would be imposed. Also, he or she would no longer be able to get through the RWA registration process.

Get it Done Online-

No matter how challenging the entire RWA registration process appears so far, it does have some of good number of flexibilities. The most important among these is the ease of online registration form. Applicants do not have to struggle in lines and long queues, all they have to do is to get online, fill up their form with proper and valid information and submit it to the registrar.

Go Online to gain get prepared beforehand-

In order to gain more information about the Residence welfare association registration process, interested individuals may also go online. Just with few clicks on their mouse they can avail a whole encyclopedia of RWA registration process. Right from the eligibility criteria to the admission fees details and responsibilities for each member, all sort of information can be collected through various online sources. Nowadays, many websites provide quality information on such topics. So, if you are also wondering to be a part of RWA committee, going on the internet and preparing yourself entirely and thoroughly before the scrutiny can be truly helpful.
Procedure for RWA Elections:
Below is the process of RWA election process:-
  • Publication of list of members
  • Nomination from members
  • Scrutiny of Nominees
  • Election Program
  • Date of voting
  • Handover of Office and accounts
Find below the link to download and use the RWA registration form:-

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