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Best neurologist hospital in Nizampet-Hyderabad

Business Brief : Haematology, Bio Chemistry, EEG, NCV , Physiotherapy , X-Ray , CT-Scan , MRI

Dr.Rajesh Reddy
Plot No.101, 1st floor, RBR Complex, Beside Angara Hotel, Opp: KS Bakers, Miyapur, Hyderabad - 500049 .
Phones -NA-
Mobiles 7794081000
Member Since 6/3/2020
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Business Details : Headache, Migraine-Headache/Migraine is a neurological condition that can cause multiple symptoms. It is of varying intensity including severe headaches that can cause nausea, sensitivity to light and vomiting. It causes significant morbidity. Stroke-A stroke is a medical condition in which a blockage of blood supply to brain or blood vessel ruptures results in death. The two main types of strokes are: ischemic, due to lack of blood flow, and hemorrhagic, due to bleeding. Movement Disorders-Movement disorder affects the cerebellum, basal ganglia and thalamus the part of the brain that controls coordinated movements. The condition causes abnormal increased movements, which may be voluntary or involuntary in the form of tremors, rigidity, change in gait, dystonia and abnormal posturing. Epilepsy-Epilepsy is a central nervous system (neurological) disorder that causes recurrent seizures. It could occur due to a brain injury or as a result of a genetic disorder. Critical Care Neurology-Neurocritical care (or neurointensive care) is a medical field that treats critically ill patients with neurologic disorders and often other illnesses. These patients require treatment and care in an intensive care unit (ICU). Multiple sclerosis-Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease in which the immune system attacks the protective sheath (myelin) that covers nerve fibers and causes communication problems between your brain and the rest of your body. Vertigo-Vertigo is a symptom where a person feels dizzy and experiences a spinning sensation. It can be caused due to problems in the inner ear, brain, or sensory nerve pathway. Vertigo can happen at any age and may be temporary or long-term.

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